Tools For Accessing The Law Of Attraction Energy- Body Work

I am a positive, ‘Law of Attraction Energy’ kind of person. I am generally pretty positive and I look for ways to keep myself that way. I have read a lot about the Power of attraction, and often thought that what we need is a nice neat set of tools for using this law and having it work in our lives. I myself have used a myriad of such tools to keep me in a true and authentic positive mind-set. And in this article and some future ones I will share my tools with you so that you too can use them. My hope is that we can all have the Law of Attraction producing miracles in our lives, all the time.

Like it or not, we are mind, body, spirit creatures. And I have a firm belief that if we try to address the mind but circumvent the body, the whole thing will be an exercise in futility. If, for instance, your physical body is a crumpled heap of knotted up shoulders and an aching back, it will be much harder to paste a smile on our face. And when you do, you will simply be putting icing on a mudpie, which does not make a cake. So you have no choice, in my opinion, but to deal with the state of your physical body as an access to your state of mind. So here are some things you can do for your body that will also help your mind.

A) One thing I suggest is that you lay on a table and relax while someone else takes away the physical manifestation of your stress, worries, and concerns. For this, a deep tissue massage of the style of your choice is best. And it also feels great.

B) Go to a form of chiropractic known as ‘Network Spinal Analysis.’ You will find this to be a wonderful body-mind-spirit experience, and very gentle and healing. I often say that this was the ticket that got me through the most stressful times of my life- and I have found the practitioners of this work, and mine in particular, to be the kindest, gentlest people on earth.

C) Take a yoga class. This is a great stress reducer, as well as being a much more rigorous form of exercise than you might think. Yoga has been know to put many a trained athlete to the test of his true endurance and strength.

D) Get some physical exercise to work out your kinks. If stress is the issue, be careful not to overdo- swim, bike, or jog to elevate that natural feeling of “all is well.” If you do something strenuous like pumping iron, be aware that this may increase physical stress, so go get a massage afterwards.

E) Of course on tried and true method, particularly if you are on a budget, is to take a hot candle-lit bath with mineral salts. Be sure the door is locked and the kids stay away, and just soak away your tension and bring on a good mood.

Now there are many other ways we can access the Law of Attraction Energy to keep ourselves in that positive place where miracles happen. I have experienced this kind of miracle-producing synergy in my life in many and diverse ways, and at various times. I will cover some more of these in subsequent articles. But be always aware that whatever you do, you must get to a true and real sense of happiness and well-being. Because pretending happiness never produces miracles, especially when the root feeling is a negative one you are trying to ignore or pretend away.